From the Begining

Posted on 17th July 2014

So this my first blog and I thought what better subject to write about than Sampson my handsome Labradoodle and best pal!

Sampson was my Christmas present 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back since. He makes me smile all day long and I love him to pieces!!

Sampson wasn’t the dog we intended to get at all. We went to look at a litter of puppies that weren’t quite ready to be sold, the breeder obviously saw me coming as I didn’t even get to see that litter! Sampson and his brother got bought out to me as 14 week old pups that nobody wanted! I completely fell in love with him…well both of them but Mike (he’s pretty strict) reminded me that I was allowed ONE puppy!! So without any preparation at all I said I’ll have him! We left the breeder to do a quick supermarket dash style sprint around the local pet shop buying everything we possibly could in ten minutes. Quickly erected his crate and began the 6hr journey home with him in the dark, wet night!!

I’m not sure he loved us at first but since that traumatising journey home of howling, puppy sick and poo we’ve had quite the adventures with him!

So far this year the pampurred pooch has been Camping, kayaking, crabbing, a day trip to London and many more fun times.

He’s pretty well known where we live as he sits next to me on his special dog bed with his seat belt on and gets quite a lot of attention from passers-by. He acts cool but secretly loves it! He generally a well behaved dog but has a few naughty traits….insisting on sleeping on our bed, trying to steal cat food and terrorising the frogs! He likes to follow them round the garden and he jumps when they jump…they obviously find this terrifying when a 34kg dog decideds to be their best pal!

Anyway that’s a quick intro about Samps…until next time!